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Michael is the go to guy for service professionals that want to get more clients. He is authentic and explains how he marketed his book to land on the best seller lists, plus the pivotal moments in his business and life. You will enjoy this interview!

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St. Clair has an amazing story of seeing an opportunity, even without knowing the industry, and going after it. He started his energy brokerage business because he couldn't get a job in the industry to learn about it. He has great tips on cold calling and how he has built his business from it. Plus he talks about his new technology start up which is really exciting to hear the strategies he will use to launch it.

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Jerry tells his story of going out on his own as a solopreneur, and then building it into a $25 million dollar company. He gives great advice on how he sets a single 5 year goal and achieves it. Simple advice that you can put in to place now!

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David has an awesome perspective on business and dispels common myths about the way an entrepreneur "should" work. He talks about setting yourself up so you don't need to be scared, how he handles personal finance, why you don't need a lot of time and his thoughts on why start ups need patience. You need to check this out!

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Ren tells his great story of starting to work for himself and losing his first client, to where he is now owner of two companies. Plus he gives great advice on what he does first when working with businesses on their finances. Great info you shouldn't miss!

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Dani has an amazing story of being homeless and then earning millions of dollars. She talks about changing your mindset, taking action, and inspiring stories of others who have done it too.

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Dr. Len Schwartz was started as a chiropractor and built one of the largest practices in the Philadelphia area. Now he's a marketing expert for doctors, financial advisers and other professional services. Plus he's a serial entrepreneur and created companies like Pro-2-Pro Networking and Automated Social Networking. Listen to the end for a great contest to enter!

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Ronco talks about "Lights Out" moments, which are moments where everything changes in an instant. He was a professional athlete and became injured and so many things changed. Now he runs a full service financial and consulting firm and helps others make better decisions with their finances. Plus he started a foundation to help economically disadvantaged youths and adults learn about finances.

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Kevin went from being an employee to starting his own business. He has a great story and discusses how he works best with employees, and how he uses word of mouth and referrals to get business.

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Jim wrote the book Within the Millionaire Mind, he also is a great speaker and founded the national networking group called Successful Thinkers. A free networking group that is changes the way networking is done. 

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Scott owns two companies that are based on the internet, and has a wealth of knowledge from the past 10 years online. Not only that he has a great story of working for someone else and realizing that he could do it better! Now he has and built an amazing company in the process.

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Ryan Blair has an amazing story of overcoming the odds and turning his life around. Not only that he turned around ViSalus Sciences from the brink of failure to over 150 Million a year in 16 months. He is completely honest and open and has amazing advice for you.

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Doug was a corporate employee for many years before he started his restaurant Bikinis. He has grown it, learning everything from scratch, to 600 employees in 5 years! Plus he also talks about a failed business venture, and what he learned.

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Brenton owns many company, his largest, Renters Warehouse was ranked one of the Top 5 Emerging Entrepreneurs of 2010 by Entrepreneur Magazine! He has great information on how he starts each of his companies, and gives advice on radio and other advertising.

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Millionaire Interview: Aakash Shah – CEO of Aakash Chemicals & Dye-Stuffs, Inc.

Aakash explained how he joined his family owned business and changed the way they did sales and manufacturing. He found new opportunities and has grown this company immensely. Great advice for looking at an old industry with new eyes.

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Mentor and Mastermind Skillset

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Introduction Video For the Academy

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Cindy is a mom, the wife of a pastor, and has an amazing story of triumph over cancer and building a business on the internet. She has great information on membership sites and give advice based on her growth online.

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Amy is the creator of the Release Your Inner Millionairess Coaching Program and tells her story of growing her business. She has great energy and passion for helping female entrepreneurs.

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Action Plans Module Video

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Sue is the creator and owner of Nad's Hair Removal, a green goo she created in her kitchen in Australia to help her daughters. The product was named after her oldest daughter Nadine,  and grew into a huge company with success all over the world. She has a great story of pursuing her passion to help her daughters and inspires others to do the same.

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Dr. Stair is CEO of an employee benefit consultanting company and has vast knowledge on making a plans that work for both businesses and employees. In this interview we discuss speaking tips, building a consulting business, and how law changes are difficult when running on a company dependent on them.

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Jeffrey is the founder and president of Fox & Company Inc a marketing consulting firm that helps companies increase revenues and profits. He's a popular speaker, graduate of harvard business school and author of a series of international best sellers including How to Become a Rainmaker, How to Become CEO and How to be a Fierce Competitor.

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Why Mpdule mp4

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Why Module

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The Pre-Flight Checklist for the Academy.

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The Goals Module in the Academy.

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The airplane model for the eventual millionaire academy.

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Welcome to the Mastermind section of the Academy.

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Millionaire Interview: Richard Carey - Owner of Stone Legends

Richard discusses how he started in construction and made his way to become the founder of a huge company that manufactures cast stone and cut stone. He talks about how he found the hole in the market and decided to go for it, and how systems in their business have made them so successful.

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In this second interview with Frank McKinney, he talks about how he trained for his first Badwater Ultramarathon (135 miles in Death Valley in July) and how it relates to business. He has completed it over 6 times and has amazing insights on pushing yourself harder.

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Derek founded CDbaby the largest online distributor of independent music and sold it a few years ago to DiscMakers for $22 million. He also created a viral TED talk called "How to Start a Movement" which displayed a one lone nut dancing at a concert, and the movement that happened from the first follower. He has a successful blog at Sivers.org and a new book entitled "Anything You Want: 40 Lessons for a New Kind of Entrepreneur"

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Gary describes the early days of Elitemate, from going out on the street recruiting to explaining that online dating wasn't just for nerds (back in 2002). We discuss how he spots opportunities and how he started with owning his first business at 19 years old.

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Chris has a wide range of companies including EliteMate, Spring Base Media Consulting, On Demand Color Group (housing different printing and manufacturing operations in NYC) and EliteRev an energy pill. We discuss how important it is to be organized and tips organizing, plus the story of how he started in business.

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Armando has been the star of the #1 hit real estate reality show called Flip this House on A&E, and he's the author of a great book called Flip and Grow Rich. He has a great heart and mind approach to real estate investing, and has an amazing rags to riches story.

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Jaime Raskulinecz talks about the jump from working in healthcare to starting her first business a property management company. She gives advice on sales and marketing, and has a ton of great information on self directed retirement plans (where you can put real estate or loans in your retirement plans) which she provides in Next Generation Trust Services.

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Guy Kawasaki is a best selling author, has written over 10 books, co-founder of Alltop, and managing director of Garage Ventures. His new book is called Enchantment – the Art of Changing Hearts, Minds and Actions - is amazing and we discuss how to become enchanting and how to use technology to be more enchanting online.

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Nolan is the President and CEO of Sandstorm Gold and Sandstorm Metals and Energy. He's a chartered accountant and was the CFO of Silver Wheaton Corp a mining company on the Toronto and New York Stock Exchange. In a few short years he has grown the

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Robert is the founder of Champion Media Worldwide which is a PR agency who has amazing testimonials from people like Jay Conrad Levison of Guerrilla Marketing and Chet Holmes an amazing online marketer.

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Joy Gendusa is a direct mail expert and the CEO of PostcardMania. They send out over 140,000 postcards per week to promote their company alone. She gave great tips on how to set up a direct mail campaign, best copy for postcards, and why postcards work. She also explains her philosophy on direct mail, “Quantity Over Quality”!

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Adam Mesh runs a team of day trading coaches that help you become a successful day trader. He has great advice on success and talks about his experience on the reality show the Average Joe, and how it ended up creating the company he has today.

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Trae Wieniewitz is the epitome of perseverance. He had to relocate his business to Tennessee after Hurricane Katrina and built a thriving multimillion dollar company. He gives great advice on how to get more clients, and what every single 7 figure earner he met does.

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Victor runs Elitemate.com an online dating site and is the former owner of ChefsDiet a Zone Diet Fresh Food Delivery service. He's also a personal trainer, board certified astrologer, hypotherapist and coach.

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In this interview we talk to Craig about how his passion for unique art landed him a multi-million dollar company. He describes just starting out and working with large companies like Coca-Cola. He also discusses how Celebriducks does such an amazing job with PR and has been seen on NBC, FOX, ABC,  CNN, ESPN, TNT, VH1, A&E and was voted one of the top 100 gifts by Entertainment Weekly.

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Todd is a Financial Coach and runs FinancialMentor.com. At the age of 23 his net worth was $0 and 12 years later he was a millionaire. He details his system that he uses with clients to achieve millionaire status. Todd was full of great information on mindset and pursing your big goals.

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Tony an entrepreneur and his greatest success was Planet Tan a franchise that made his net worth jump from $10,000 to millions of dollars in a thirteen-year period. He's been in Inc Magazine and Fortune Small Business, and he recently wrote the book Selling Sunshine: 75 Tips, Tools, and Tactics for Becoming a Wildly Successful Entrepreneur. We talk about the best tips he has for business owners, dealing with bad press, and becoming a best place to work for employees.

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In this interview we have Matthew Tuttle the founder, CEO, and Chief Investment Officer of Tuttle Wealth Management, LLC. He is a frequent guest on Fox Business News, BusinessWeek TV and is the author of How Harvard and Yale Beat the Market (an Amazon bestseller) and Financial Secrets of my Wealthy Grandparents. We talk about if budgets are really necessary, differentiating your business, and being better than your competition. He also says don't listen to CNBC, or the news and take the advice about the stock market!

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Ken Wisnefski gives out great tips on SEO and online marketing, and also explains how he grew his first company VendorSeek from one person in his basement to a multimillion dollar company. He gives advice about dedication, risk, and the biggest eye opener he ever had in his business.

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Millionaire Interview: Amos Winbush III - Owner of CyberSynchs, LLC and Inc Magazine's Top 30 Under 30

In this interview Amos Winbush III tells his story of being a singer/songwriter and having an idea for a company. He started CyberSynchs with $100 and has grown it to a multimillion dollar global brand in two years. He gives great advice on facing rejection, taking risks, and how he grew CyberSynchs so quickly.

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Millionaire Interview: Vonda White - Author of "Success Against the Odds" and Owner of Collegiate Risk Management

Vonda White talks about the profiles of business owners in her book, including Debbie Fields from Mrs. Fields Cookies, and Brian Scudamore founder of 1-800-Got-Junk. She talks about growing up poor, and what happened in her life to change things around. She also discusses growing her business, leadership and how to become successful.

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Sean Whalen describes his middle class beginnings, his previous company and how he created Property 23 after bankruptcy. He gives great advice on bouncing back after failure, his perspective on real estate info and books, and how important belief is.

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Dan Nainan details his story from an employee at Intel with a fear of public speaking to millionaire comedian. He gives advice on pricing, negotiating, and how to erase the fear of public speaking, plus what traits enabled him to be successful financially.

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Brig Hart details his story from broke surfer to hundreds of millions of dollars, and explains the mindset and tools he has used to help other people become millionaires too.

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Adrian Cartwood explains how personal finance and creating a vision has changed his life and allowed him to become a multi-millionaire in 7 years.

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In this interview MJ Demarco talks about the five commandments for a million dollar business as well as what it took to grow his multi-million dollar company.

In this interview Frank McKinney tells his story of arriving in Florida with $50 in his pocket to 16 years later showing the Oprah Winfrey camera team the new $12 million dollar house he built. He gives powerful information on millionaire mindset and feeling the Tap.

Join entrepreneurial coach Jaime Tardy on the journey to a million and learn about her success with a six figures at the age of 22, and paying off $70,000 in debt. Jaime also explains what an eventual millionaire is, and introduces upcoming millionaires.