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Gary describes the early days of Elitemate, from going out on the street recruiting to explaining that online dating wasn't just for nerds (back in 2002). We discuss how he spots opportunities and how he started with owning his first business at 19 years old.

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Chris has a wide range of companies including EliteMate, Spring Base Media Consulting, On Demand Color Group (housing different printing and manufacturing operations in NYC) and EliteRev an energy pill. We discuss how important it is to be organized and tips organizing, plus the story of how he started in business.

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Armando has been the star of the #1 hit real estate reality show called Flip this House on A&E, and he's the author of a great book called Flip and Grow Rich. He has a great heart and mind approach to real estate investing, and has an amazing rags to riches story.

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Jaime Raskulinecz talks about the jump from working in healthcare to starting her first business a property management company. She gives advice on sales and marketing, and has a ton of great information on self directed retirement plans (where you can put real estate or loans in your retirement plans) which she provides in Next Generation Trust Services.

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Guy Kawasaki is a best selling author, has written over 10 books, co-founder of Alltop, and managing director of Garage Ventures. His new book is called Enchantment – the Art of Changing Hearts, Minds and Actions - is amazing and we discuss how to become enchanting and how to use technology to be more enchanting online.

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