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Ronco talks about "Lights Out" moments, which are moments where everything changes in an instant. He was a professional athlete and became injured and so many things changed. Now he runs a full service financial and consulting firm and helps others make better decisions with their finances. Plus he started a foundation to help economically disadvantaged youths and adults learn about finances.

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Kevin went from being an employee to starting his own business. He has a great story and discusses how he works best with employees, and how he uses word of mouth and referrals to get business.

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Jim wrote the book Within the Millionaire Mind, he also is a great speaker and founded the national networking group called Successful Thinkers. A free networking group that is changes the way networking is done. 

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Scott owns two companies that are based on the internet, and has a wealth of knowledge from the past 10 years online. Not only that he has a great story of working for someone else and realizing that he could do it better! Now he has and built an amazing company in the process.

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