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Marissa was told by her boss that she was only worth $34,000 a year to the company. Then she went on her own and landed a $35,000 contract. Her life changed dramatically after she left the corporate world. Listen to her advice, and how she is starting her new company Successful Culture during this crazy information age.

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Brad loved concerts and sporting events. It just made sense for him to sell them to friends and family. But he had no idea that years later he would have a huge company buying and selling tickets. Learn great ideas about minimizing risk, and how customer service makes a big difference in his industry.

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Ryan Hart is CEO of Hart Ventures LLC. He has a team that develops projects like Globa.ly (Addressing the world via custom URL short codes specific to GPS) and Crown in Town (A Best Rating for Businesses). He gives his advice on trying new things and quitting others that aren't working.

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