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Brad's preschool daughter came up with a cool game, to find letters in nature and architecture. Who knew Oprah would be buying the photos one day? Check out the amazing story of Sticks and Stones and how a small family business in IL got Oprah to buy one of their products as a wedding present for Tom Cruise.

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From Starting to Pre-Launch with Serial Entrepreneur Chris Gravagna

Chris is a past guest and amazing serial entrepreneur. He created Wines by Wives since the last interview, and I wanted to get all the details on how he starts and launches a new company. He talks about determining whether his idea is a good one, who he talks to for feedback, and how he gets past roadblocks.

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Today I just wanted to create a short podcast to actually say Hi. It also gives lots of updates on what's going on with Eventual Millionaire too. Next week we are back to the regular schedule with amazing millionaires! :)

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Sean has a great story of landing in America with 5 bucks to generating huge amounts of money leveraging the Internet. He is now an expert in Internet marketing and gives great tips on leveraging technology to earn you money.

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