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Tim had a web design and software company, and felt pretty comfortable. But he realized that in order to reach his goals he had to step outside of his comfort zone, and that meant FEAR. Learn what he did to get past his fear with action tips you can use now!

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Pranav's wife had an idea that start an outsourcing business by hiring workers in India. He is Indian but has no family there and he doesn't speak the language. But he jumped in, and tells the story of starting and growing to 1,000 employees. He discusses what he had to do to niche and pivot so he wasn't just dealing with trying to provide the cheapest price. 
Great tips, and great inspiration!

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Dustin is the CEO of HeadSpring a custom software development and consulting firm. But that wasn't his first business. In fact the first two business ideas he had completely failed, even though it had an award winning business plan. Learn how Dustin listened to his market to find out what they wanted in order to create a multimillion dollar amazing company.

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