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If you don't know Lewis already you'll be excited to hear his story. He also tells us Exactly what he would do if he were starting today with no contacts and only $1,000 to start. Great tips and advice for finding a mentor too!

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I get interviewed a lot. And I answer a lot of email from wonderful people like you. 
I wanted to go ahead and answer a few of them! Including what is the average length of time my interviewees took to become a millionaire.

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Scott has a professional background in investments and law. Realizing how important his lifestyle was, he started an online business.
He's written many books, his newest one called Click Millionaires teaches how to build an internet business. He's even taught his wife and mother how to build successful online businesses! (He gives all the profits of the book to charity too) When I met Scott in NYC for dinner, he was the same guy as he is in the interview - caring, sweet and helpful! Enjoy!

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Listen in as Brenton gives a ton of advice on how he deals with new ideas, frustrations, and building relationships.
He has started over 18 companies and he discusses how he is rebranding the most recent company he just bought!
Great actionable info for any entrepreneur!
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Andrew is a very smart man. He owns a large company that has offices in Australia and the US (Even one in Maine! Which is how we met in person) He details how he got each of his mentors to help him succeed, and gives great advice for aspiring millionaires. He also answers the question whether or not you have to work 16 hours a day to be a millionaire (you may or may not like his answer!)

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