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Dane is why I started up a software company just a month ago. He is a master copywriter, and is launching the Foundation soon which helps budding entrepreneurs start a software business without any experience. It's a great course, though we didn't talk much about it in this interview.  Instead we talked about why learning copywriting will change everything in your life, and how he made his first money online, and also lost $12,000.

We even talk about approaching women! Plus much more - We had some issues with the connection so you'll see lots of craziness and talk in between. Enjoy!

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This interview with Bobby is packed. He talks about his first business and going to 60 Walmart stores asking for a chance before even one said yes. Plus he dropped out of college to start the business, yet he went back and has two Bachelors Degrees and a Masters in Entrepreneurship from MIT. He tells us what he thinks of higher education. PLUS! Why he moved his whole family to Latvia! (Even though he grew up in North Carolina)

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Michael is an amazing man. His newest book is called Platform and he discusses how he built his audience to over 240,000 people. It wasn't easy and for the first few years he only had a very small number of subscribers. He talks about what he did to grow his platform, and also answers my questions about becoming an author. He has a great blog and podcast and knows so much about the publishing industry! (He was the CEO of a large publishing company for many years)

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Billy talks about his journey from college to poker player to online poker empire to e-commerce sites. His accomplishments are even more amazing when you know he is not technically inclined!

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