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Matt had a passion for fashion, and was an entrepreneur at heart. So at 18 he started an online clothing company from Louisville. He said it wasn't going well til he found the help of a mentor. Learn what Matt's mentor taught him to help make his business a success! (Plus why he doesn't consider himself a really smart guy)

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Andrew is the man behind the mic on the amazing Mixergy podcast. But he knows so much about business and being successful! So I brought him out, to learn his secrets of his no excuses approach, how he thinks, how he started his first business and now Mixergy. He talks about what he did wrong too. You don't want to miss this!

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We go indepth on how to really start a blog, what to do, how to structure it, and what to not worry about!
Yaro tells his 'secrets' for becoming a big name in the blogging and internet marketing world.

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Hugh is a millionaire speaker and trainer. He helps people become experts and takes them through three steps to get there. So I asked all about those steps to get you started! Step Number one is CRITICAL, if you don't have this you will fail! (I suggest anyone do this step in business!)

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J.V. has so many great pieces of advice for you- whether you are brand new (or haven't even started yet!) or have an existing business you are looking to grow. He has a formula that he walks through in the interview, and I felt it was a great summary of what so many of the millionaires in previous shows have said. He teaches so well, and I'm excited for when his new book comes out in early 2013!

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