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I brought Doug back not only to get an update and learn about handling all those employees - but because Doug BOUGHT a TOWN! He landed a ton of press too!

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Aaron started at 18, never realizing he wanted to be an entrepreneur.
He was negative when he was young, and had to overcome that to have the positive attitude he has today. (learn how!)

Starting in MLM and then creating a domain reselling business, Aaron learned a lot about what it takes to be successful.

He has multiple businesses, and an amazing network of successful people. Plus he gives a ton to charity, and he's only 24!

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Briana is an amazing woman! She is a mom, owns two day spa's, and has a pain relief patch in Whole Foods. After a tragic car accident she realized how precious life is, and she has been living life on her own terms ever since. 

Learn how she started the Dragon Tree Day Spa without any experience in owning a business, AND how she got FDA approval for her pain relief patch. Plus how the typical way to get into Whole Foods Northeast didn't work, but what crazy idea did work. Plus she teaches all about manifestation in a practical way! This interview is packed!

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Ryan Lee walks step by step what he would do if he were starting an online business now. Plus how to create a product faster, and most importantly - how to make money online without being sleazy! He even walks through exactly what to say in a sales video.
Make sure to tell him Happy Birthday on the 9th too!!!

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