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Peter has been in internet marketing since the beginning. He goes over the one critical thing that everyone MUST know if you are selling online. He also walks through his process of selling a new product or service, including case studies! 

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Dan tells it like it is - how his earlier companies were failures and everything he learned from each one. He says, "The more uncertainty you are able to live with the more upside there is." Discover how he still has fears now, and how he mitigates them. Packed with info!

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Allison is a serial entrepreneur, and now helps others build amazing businesses from their passions. If you are stuck in indecision and just starting Allison lays out a plan to get you moving again!

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Inventing the First Foldable Shoe with Sarah Caplan

You see celebrities wearing them, but how did the trend start? It all started with my guest Sarah Caplan who had the idea to create a shoe that folds up and you put in your purse. The market had never seen it before! How did it do? Plus how did she deal with all the crazy amount of competition coming out? All that and WAY more! 

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