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Jerrod talks about starting up his first business which involved knowing nothing about the industry, getting a terminal disease, and having everything crash after 9/11. His outlook changed, and his faith helped him through it. Now he has countless successful brands that he franchises, and explains two really important concepts. The idea of staying on top of outgoing expenses (small leaks sink ships!) and how to organize your business processes to keep you out of it. 
Plus stay tuned til the end because there is an Eventual Millionaire challenge for you to participate in!
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James has made millions, lost it all, made millions, lost it all, and made it again. He's gained more wisdom than most, and tells it like it is. Discover the 4 bodies that are critically important in your quest for a million. Plus get unexpected tips on the best ways to choose the best idea, and be happier!

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Jay give hype-free strategies that work for him and his clients in social media. I drill him with question on promoting his books (and making them bestsellers!), and find out how he gets everything done with his insane schedule.

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Ian had a few successes while he kept his day job, but the true success didn't come til after one business failed. This interview is packed with nuggets on finding a need in business, marketing that need to the right people, and what makes the elite so successful. 
I was excited to interview Ian because his company RentACoder.com was something that I used in college to start my first business (that never went anywhere because I gave up!) It was amazing to hear the back story of how it became such a huge success. He also discusses how to find a new trend.
I highly recommend this interview! :)
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Learn how she grew from zero to $50 million dollars in 5 years selling used video games. Discover how she is changing the world by teaching social entrepreneurship- profit and philanthropy in one!

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