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Craig tells some AMAZING stories, like how a huge business deal was made by meeting a random person in a bathroom in Mexico. But he also explains how he can hop into a new industry (and not even have experience) and make money. How does he do it? Listen in and enjoy!

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David Allen is the godfather of productivity. If you haven't read his books yet, you must. But it's one thing to read a great productivity system, and it's very different to implement it and sustain those tactics in your everyday life. In this episode I grill David to find out how to make daily overwhelm disappear, and how to organize everything in business and life. (and keep it organized!!)
You don't want to miss this!
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Adii delivers what branding techniques he used to help his company from from zero to over 150,000 paid customers. Hugely impressive when he is competing with similar products that are offered for free! 
Adii distilled exactly how he branded WooThemes. But even better, he explains how he is currently building and branding his new company PublicBeta. 
You can win an amazing package worth $200 too! (in fact there are two available to win) Listen in to the end to find out how!
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