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Michael is the go to guy for service professionals that want to get more clients. He is authentic and explains how he marketed his book to land on the best seller lists, plus the pivotal moments in his business and life. You will enjoy this interview!

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St. Clair has an amazing story of seeing an opportunity, even without knowing the industry, and going after it. He started his energy brokerage business because he couldn't get a job in the industry to learn about it. He has great tips on cold calling and how he has built his business from it. Plus he talks about his new technology start up which is really exciting to hear the strategies he will use to launch it.

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Jerry tells his story of going out on his own as a solopreneur, and then building it into a $25 million dollar company. He gives great advice on how he sets a single 5 year goal and achieves it. Simple advice that you can put in to place now!

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David has an awesome perspective on business and dispels common myths about the way an entrepreneur "should" work. He talks about setting yourself up so you don't need to be scared, how he handles personal finance, why you don't need a lot of time and his thoughts on why start ups need patience. You need to check this out!

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Ren tells his great story of starting to work for himself and losing his first client, to where he is now owner of two companies. Plus he gives great advice on what he does first when working with businesses on their finances. Great info you shouldn't miss!

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